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Before and After the End



When Covid-19 emerged as a world-wide sign of the end-days, the Lord called this author to research end-day prophecies for two years and unveil them within a study manual, The Expedition of the End-Day Prophecies. She also added multiple proofs that all other biblical prophecies that already came to pass, did so precisely as foretold. A year later she rearranged this research into this book, Before and After the End, with several additional significant details.  Its purpose is to prepare every reader to walk in peace through some troubling end-years and escape the dark diabolical years of Tribulation via the Bridal rapture. Though we will never know the day or hour of the rapture, this author uncovered God’s hidden mystery of its year and season, not a natural season but a God-season.  Though this author never imagined she could accomplish this task, the Holy Spirit guided her through every verse to assist you. This is a must read for the end-day Bride of Christ.

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