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The Expedition of the End-Day Prophecies



When COVID-19 arrived, the author discerned a calling by God to take an Expedition of End-Day Prophecies like Lewis and Clark’s Expedition of the Louisiana Purchase. Lewis and Clark’s journey was about 8,000 miles in length whereas hers included Matthew Chapter 24, the book of Daniel, and the book of Revelation intertwined with the prophecies of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Zechariah, and others. Lewis and Clark navigated their exploration via rivers. Judy used the chronological flow of the “signs” of the Olivet Discourse for Matthew Chapter 24, the chronological “dream of world empires” of king Nebuchadnezzar for the book of Daniel, the chronological structure of “Rev. 1:19” for the entire book of Revelation, and the three series of chronological “judgments” for the seven-year Tribulation. The Bridal Rapture, Millennial Reign of Christ, and the Eternal State were already within chronological order.

The Lewis and Clark Expedition provided others with geographic information, maps and charts assisting them to travel through the new America West of the Mississippi River.

This guidebook was written for the same purpose to make it easier for its reader to navigate and understand the timing of the end-day prophecies and avoid the dangers of the Tribulation years by leaving through the Door of the Bridal Rapture. The Lewis and Clark Expedition took two years. This guidebook took the same.

This was a journey this author never imagined she could accomplish, but the Holy Spirit guided her through every verse and prepared it for you.

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