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Evangelizing Prayer


This book is the briefest, yet most precious and personal book ever written by this author. And it is the most important. Because we are living in the end-days, time is running out for us to win the lost to Jesus before the Tribulation begins. Though these end-days are darkening more and more throughout the world, the Light of Jesus i.e., Christ in us will shine brighter through us than ever before! In this book the author reveals the simplest form of evangelism with which any believer may achieve results. She proves that our merely keeping the Great Commandment is the easiest way for us to keep the Great Commission! This book unveils leisure fishing for men individually and collectively. It explains this easy form of evangelism for any believer along with testimonies of those the author reached; and her witness and participation of a community collectively reached this same way by multiple congregations united. This author wants every Christian to arise and shine. This book is free for everyone. Just download it to read it or even copy and share it.


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