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Foundational Prayer


There are two types of people presently walking upon the earth who “talk” with God: 1) those who are in His family and 2) those who are not. God loves everyone and desires to fellowship with everyone without any regard to their financial status, nationality, education, position, or condition. Those who are in God’s family know God as their spiritual Father and their “talk” with Him is called prayer. When our prayers align with His Biblical instruction, He will answer our requests and guide us to prosperity, peace, joy, and fulfillment. This book offers the essential basics of effective prayer, so God’s family may be heard by Him and receive His response of goodness. Those not in God’s family “talk” only to God as God for they have no personal relationship with Him. Yet He listens to them too. His aim is to coax them while in their most difficult situation to cry out to Him for help. Then He will turn His Face toward them, reveal His goodness to them with provision and power, until they turn to Him through faith in Christ Jesus. Then they too may begin to pray to their Heavenly Father. Read it to the basics of effective prayer.


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