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Paradise on Earth


From the beginning, God desired to dwell with mankind forever, lavishing His affection and many blessings upon us continually and eternally. All creation was designed to be a blessing for mankind to enjoy and by which to prosper. Heaven and God were on earth then. By studying the creation verses deeply, this author learned that everything easily grew plentifully for mankind. Work was unheard of. Nothing dried up or died. The land was even flourished with gold. There was never a thunderstorm because a mist watered all the vegetation daily. The first man, Adam, was brilliant from his creation. He walked alongside God and named all the tens of thousands of creatures God designed and placed on earth. But Adam and Eve sinned, and mankind then headed in the wrong direction of darkness, curses, sweat, work, pain, and death. Their sin forced God and Heaven to leave but God’s loving intent for all mankind never changed. Paradise and God as King Jesus will return to earth as He has promised. All the evidence of this promise can be uncovered in the Word. So read and enjoy the loving plans God still has for all believing mankind which are set to arrive on earth soon.


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