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Judith Lyon Kesselman is an Ordained Bible Teacher

Updated: Jul 27

Rev. Judith Lyon-Kesselman, called Judy, is a trusted name in the Christian community. She teaches how easily any believer can evangelize, pray powerfully and successfully, and understand the end-day prophecies. She is the founder and president of Touch of Heaven Ministries and authored numerous books to equip the Body of Christ for the work of the ministry. These books include Paradise on Earth, The Expedition of the End-Day Prophecies, The Bride Made Ready, Reviving Prayer, Evangelistic Prayer and Transforming Prayers.

The duties of this teacher and author.

  • Studying

Judy, though educated as a pharmacist, was called by God and spent most of their life in studying the Bible primarily to equip the Church for the work of our ministry by teaching and writing numerous books.

  • Teaching

The five-fold ministries Jesus gave to the Church differentiates a teacher from a pastor. She may occasionally preach, but she is a teacher. She works alongside pastors to urge their members to follow a simple but effective form of evangelism, pray in power, and be prepared for the coming Rapture.

  • Working with the church

As a teacher, she is willing to speak at any congregation. Years before she taught this simple form of evangelism to sixty congregations in one large community, and she was placed on a national committee of the coalition previously called Mission America. She is willing to do it again.

As a Christian teacher, Rev. Judy established Touch of Heaven Ministries to help believers to understand the Bible more clearly, prepare for the coming Rapture, learn how to birth revival and transform their community, and urge the Body of Christ to seek personal intimacy with our Lord Jesus. In the past she has also organized several interdenominational gatherings and outreaches for community transformation.

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