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Spreading God's Word: The Purpose and Practice of Evangelizing Prayer

Evangelizing Prayer Explained

In a world that often seems to spin faster than we can keep up, where our hearts yearn for something deeper, more meaningful, and profoundly spiritual, evangelizing prayer emerges as a beacon of hope. It’s not just a ritual, it is a powerful connection between your faith and the world.

So, whether you are a novice or a seasoned believer, embark on this adventure with us as we unravel the purpose and practice of evangelizing prayer, helping you become a radiant beacon in a world that longs for the warmth of God’s love.

Understanding Evangelizing Prayer

Our evangelizing prayer first transforms our souls as Christians to care for the lost souls around us. Praying for their salvation fills us with the love and compassion of our heavenly Father. Then God opens doors for us to step beyond prayer, with care, and finally share, planting a word within them.

The Purpose of Evangelizing Prayer

It serves multiple purposes that align with our faith and fulfill the Great Commission:

  • Connecting with God: Continual prayer gives us a deeper connection with God. And God will do what only God can do: connect our hearts to the hearts of those for which we pray.

  • Empowerment: Our continual prayer for others draws the Holy Spirit to deposit His chosen words for us to speak to them, and any necessary gift to reveal His great love for them.

  • Inspiring Others: Our words and actions have a powerful impact on those around us. This communication makes us living examples of God’s love, inspiring others to seek Him also.

  • Alignment with God’s Will: This is a pathway to discerning God’s will for our lives. It ensures that our efforts to share God’s love align with His divine plan.

The Practice of Evangelizing Prayer

Evangelizing Prayer Practices

Now that you have understood its purpose, let’s now explore how to practice evangelizing prayer in your daily lives.

  • Start with Humanity: Evangelization is not about you but about God working through you. Surrender your desires and intentions to Him. Take His yoke and follow Him.

  • Seek God’s Guidance: Pray for wisdom and opportunities to demonstrate His love for the lost. Both Evangelizing Prayer and Transforming Prayers contain an effective prayer to use.

  • Hearts will be Opened: As you pray, and care for others, their hearts will eventually swing open in trust. It may take months but who cares how long it takes. Keep praying for them.

  • Words to Speak: With your heart linked to theirs by continual prayer, the Holy Spirit will eventually begin giving you the words you are to speak, that is, words they need to hear.

  • Let the Helper Help: The Holy Spirit is your greatest ally in evangelism. He is with you always and ready to guide you until you gently reel the lost into Jesus.

  • Scripture: The Bible is a life-time guidebook, but do not push verses on the lost. They do not know this yet. Words and actions of love and care are what draws them to the One in you.

  • Rejoice and Give Thanks: Nothing is more delightful than seeing one leave the world’s wide path for the narrow path of Eternal Life. Rejoice with them, and thank God for His grace.


Are you ready to take the next step on your journey of faith? Touch of Heaven Ministries provides a wealth of resources, inspiration, and guidance on prayer for evangelization.

Visit our website to start spreading God’s love together.

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