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Priestly Prayer


Jesus made us kings and priests unto God His Father (Rev. 1:6).  Prayer is a form of our priestly service but so is praise and worship along with or within our prayers. There are many forms of praise we were meant to experience as New Covenant priests written in Hebrew within the Old Testament. They are zamar, towdah, yadah, halal, shaback, barak, and tehillah. They are all very significant, especially tehillah. Tehillah is a new song, a prophetic song, or spiritual song in which God manifestly inhabits or is enthroned upon. When God is enthroned, it means He will rule over whatever personal or collective situation the singer or singers are experiencing. Tehillah is very powerful and needed! Worship is also a supernatural weapon for it draws His Manifest Presence among, upon, and around us. Many battles are won alone through God’s Presence. The end-day Bride is meant to watch for the Lord in prayer, praise, and worship. And the ancient ministry called the Tabernacle of David was foretold to be rebuilt i.e., practiced once again in the end-days. Our priestly ministry will eventually fill up the vials of Heaven’s Temple and the Tribulation judgments will be poured out.  Learn more about your priestly calling.


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