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Prophetic Poems from the Heart of God


The Author of this book is not Judy, but the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Every poem within it came to her by His still small voice most often within the night hours. Some are songs for us to sing in thanks and praise. Some are prophecies of the coming end-days. Some are messages of love from Our Groom to His Bride. Some are instruction for a godly life on earth. Some are callings to minister by His side. Some are reminders of His goodness and grace. They are all beautiful and true. Even the one who heard and scribed these poems still reads them regularly to this day. Do not be surprised if you feel God’s Presence within His Words. Just as our flesh requires natural food daily to sustain our natural health and continue in strength, so does our soul and spirit need the Manna of Heaven, God’s spoken Word as well as His written Word each day. Enjoy these tasty and powerful morsels. This book is free for everyone to enjoy. Just download it to read it or even copy and share it.


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