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Prophetic Prayer


There is never a dull moment in prayer and intercession when we are led by the Holy Spirit. There are many forms of prayer with a variety of attitudes and postures. One of my favorites is prophetic prayer. Prophetic prayer requires that we set aside our mental thoughts, desires, and personal concerns. We lay them at the feet of our Lord. We allow the Holy Spirit to choose the subject of our prayer. We start by worshipping the Lord, focusing on Him, until His Presence moves upon us, and we hear the intentions and concerns of His heart. God may then endow us with an unquestionable sense of authority as we proclaim His revealed will by faith to overturn the evil schemes of Satan we are combating. By faith then we will “see” and rejoice the outcome long before the results are tangible in this natural realm by our natural senses. In the Spirit, we finish our proclamations in spiritual laughter, song, and praise for the victory belongs to God. Each chapter addresses distinct vantage points of this form of prayer along with other forms of prayer. Though it is easy to distinguish each type of prayer on paper, in practice they mingle together much like the compounded perfume or incense of the Old Covenant.


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