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Reviving Prayer


The major portion of the Church today is in desperate need of reviving.  Compared to its birth at Pentecost, its present spiritual condition is like a dry and parched land left empty and barren by continual drought.  Everything once alive and fresh has mostly wilted, dried up, and blown away.  Even hope evaporates in harsh conditions.  We can only trough on as in a desert right now. Such is the spiritual state of most of the Church in the United States and around the world.  Such desperate and dire conditions require desperate solutions, reviving prayers.  If we will follow God’s laid out instructions, our earnest prayers will usher in the latter outpouring of His Holy Spirit.  Life will spring anew! Signs, wonders, and miracles will return as the norm. God’s specific instructions were preserved for us primarily within the book of Joel. This book was written during a desperate natural situation that had never been experienced before by ancient Israel and aligns with the spiritual drought of the current Church.  This remedy has been used many times such as before the Welsch revival, the Azusa Street revival, the Pensacola revival, et. al. It is time for the end-day Church to fall on her knees again. Uncover the details.


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