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Series of Effective Prayer

By Judith Lyon Kesselman



- Materials for a Strong Prayer Life

God expects His family to communicate, fellowship, even participate with Him in prayer. When our prayers align with His Biblical instruction and Word, He will answer our requests and guide us to peace, prosperity, health, joy, and fulfillment.

$6.00 alone plus $4.00 Shipping



- Mobilizing Saints for Community Transformation

Jesus commanded every believer to go, share the Gospel, and make disciples. Not every believer is an evangelist, yet every Christian may be a fisher of men. It is easy. All it takes is prayer, care, and share. God does all the rest. It is easy and effective.

$6.00 alone plus $4.00 Shipping



- Demolishing Strongholds to Save Lost Souls

Many Christians have unsaved family members and friends shackled by mental strongholds to prevent them from coming to the Light of Christ Jesus. There are even Christians who cannot thrive fully in Christ also by mental strongholds erected after a former trauma or abuse. Learn how to prayerfully demolish these strongholds to set them free.

$6.00 alone plus $4.00 Shipping



- Healing the Sick and Setting Captives Free

The anointing of Christ Jesus was passed on to the 12, 70, 120, and all believers thereafter, to the end of the Church Age. By faith in Jesus, we will eternally enjoy our “well of water” that is, our salvation (John 4:14). Yet by the gift of empowerment, we may release “rivers of living water” (John 7:38) from our spirit to minister to those in need as did Jesus. It is simply Christ in us, working through us for His glory!

$6.00 alone plus $4.00 Shipping



- Birthing Personal and Corporate Destinies

Prophetic prayer requires that we lay down our personal thoughts, desires, and concerns at the feet of our Lord Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit to choose the subject of our prayer. God will then endow us with unquestionable authority to proclaim His revealed will to overturn the evil schemes of Satan. Instead, we verbally plant the seed of God’s will, and so it will be as if God said it Himself.

$6.00 alone plus $4.00 Shipping



- Ushering in the Glory of God

Today’s end-day Church aligns with the ending seventh Church Age, Laodicea. The Church is primarily spiritually dry and barren. Yet if we follow God’s laid out instructions, our earnest prayer will usher in the promised outpouring of His Holy Spirit in the latter days. Signs, wonders, and miracles will return as the norm. Revival then may flood whole communities and even nations. It is up to us, not politicians, but God’s family.

$6.00 alone plus $4.00 Shipping



- Seeking the Habitation of God’s Presence

Our New Covenant service as priests includes praise and worship along with our prayers. There are many forms of praise we are meant to experience: zamar, towdah, yadah, halal, shabach, barak, and finally tehillah. Tehillah is a new song, a prophetic song, a spiritual song of prayer in which God manifestly inhabits that is, is enthroned to rule over whatever is our personal or collective situation. It is a delightful, transforming intimacy for the bride of Christ to experience for her end-day maturation.

$6.00 alone plus $4.00 Shipping

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