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Transforming Prayers



This book is a treasury of scriptural prayers, confessions of faith, and meditations containing the transforming power of God within the form of a dormant seed.  To unleash its transforming power within our lives and the lives of others requires that we verbally and contemplatively plant them deep within our souls and persistently water them or continue to request, confess, or meditate upon them.  As a daily guide the topics range from personal to international in scope. Though prayers, confessions and meditations differ in format, they work together for our good. Prayers are requests made to God. Confessions are statements of our faith or trust in God.  Meditations are morsels of spiritual food that we verbally and mentally chew upon, savoring every bite to prolong its magnificent flavor to the utmost.  Is all this necessary?  We know we are to pray and when we pray according to God’s will, His Word, our prayer is always heard and always answered (1 John 5:14-15).  Confessions of faith also have a long history in the Church too to keep our faith from veering into doubt.  Meditation on the Word is also vital to our walk with the Lord.  The ultimate outcome is good health and growth as the Life-giving Word of God is truly engrafted within us. Praying God’s Word, confessing God’s Word, and meditating upon God’s Word bring His Word into living manifestation within us and through us!

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