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Build It, and God Will Come!


In the 1990s the Lord called me to pray in the sanctuary of the congregation we attended. I started all alone with Identification Repentance daily for several months. Then God sent two intercessors to join me twice a week. Together we were drawn into warfare prayer for a year. Thereafter they left, and six other intercessors appeared with me twice weekly. Our intercession became prophetic. It was marvelous yet we finally all fell into the highest form of prayer—spontaneous praise spirit to Spirit. Our praise was spiritual songs, anointed dancing, and spiritual drunkenness as we fell into God’s arms of love. We soaked for hours in joy, with revelation, and fellowship with our Savior. Hours flew by like minutes. These were the most precious years of my life and the lives of those intercessors. After almost a decade, the Lord called me out from this sanctuary to write the book, The Bride Made Ready, to prepare the Church for His return for us. Yet God wanted this praise to continue, and promised to come in Person to anyone who rebuilds it! He has kept His word multiple times. He will do the same for you or your church!


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