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Touch of Heaven Ministries

Touch of Heaven Ministries’ goal is to equip the saints for the work of the ministry (Eph. 4:12), so we may touch hearts and collectively transform communities with love and prayer.

This ministry also provides prophetic instructions and an unveiling of the end-day prophecies, so todays’ Bride of Christ will swim within the end-day flood of glory and ready for the pre-Trib. rapture.




I was audibly called to ministry by God at age 8 but veered off the path and graduated as a pharmacist. I worked a couple years and returned to Jesus in the 70s. In the 80s I was a children’s pastor and won over 400 children to Jesus within three years. Then at another church I was an adult teacher and wrote multiple teaching manuals, books on prayer for conferences, and finally the first book of a trilogy: Paradise on Earth.  I also became the head intercessor praying 5-7 hours a day 5 days a week in the sanctuary and one night a week for several years all for revival. During extensive fasts God’s Spirit moved throughout the services the full weeks. I recently wrote about those days in a book, God Said, Built It and I Will Come.  During those years, God also sent me to pray in Israel 21 days in 1996. He sent me to Argentina in 1997 to help birth a revival in a city known as the seat of Satan and revival arrived. From there I learned an easy form of evangelism and shared it with 60 congregations in Baltimore when I returned. Shortly thereafter God had me organize the Beyond ‘99 with four congregations in 1999, and the Book of Life campaign with 200 congregations in 2000 both during the first God-season, Passover. Thereafter the Lord told me to leave the ministry, but I left the church. Finally, I wrote  the second book of the trilogy, The Bride Made Ready from those years I spent intimately with Jesus.

Then He called me to draw pastors in Harford County where I lived to gather annually on the second God-season, Pentecost, from 2005 and it continues there. In 2011 there was the largest gathering of 700 million believers around the world. In 2020 God called me to research the end-day prophecies. For two years I studied and wrote a study manual, The Expedition of the End-Day Prophecies. But in 2022 He had me transform it into the third book with more significant details, Before and After the End. Now the end-day Church should annually gather at the start of the third God-season for the Bridal rapture while end-day revival spreads throughout the earth. Our rapture will awaken the 144,000 Jews and they will carry on the revival within the Tribulation years. I presently live in Conway, South Carolina. Though retired, I am willing to speak and prep the Church for the coming rapture. Welcome yourself to download any or all the free books.



Touch of Heaven Ministries
P.O. Box 1345
Conway, SC  29528

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